• Lavender Wreath


      Lightweight and filled with hand selected high quality dried flowers attached with natural raphia and a white ribbon on a thin white metal hoop. Two sizes available: 20cm white hoop 30cm white hoop Each wreath is handmade in my little workshop in Lattes. Dried flowers stay beautiful forever, just avoid any high humidity rooms. This wreath contains: lavender, purple statice,…

    • Beige bouquet Classique


      The pale cream, beige & white hues of this dried flower bouquet will last for years, and are neutral enough to fit any season or home. Principal flowers used: -white wheat grass -cream thistle -creme helichrysum -gypsophila -white bunnies tails -cream lax seed -cream nigella Flower varieties and sizes may differ slightly due to seasonal availability and natural variations of…

    • Blush Bouquet


      This cutesy pink bouquet is made up of high quality dried flowers in soft fun tones to add joy and colour to your home decor. Principal flowers used: – pink fluffy bunny tails – cream nigella -white and pink broom – cream helycrysum – other cute blooms Available in two sizes: Medium: 50cm x 20cm (approx) Extra : 50cm x…

    • Pampa mirror

      45,00 45,00

      A beautifully warm and powerful addition to the home.It incorporates gorgeous, finest quality dried pampas grass from this season. Please note that this is a natural product, each mirror is handmade and totally unique, colours and shape may vary slightly from the image shown as no two batches of dried flowers are the same. To keep your mirror looking at…

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